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Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM

Course Description

The above mentioned "AWS IAM" course is designed for those willing to learn the tool which will help securely controlling access to AWS resources. It allows user to create and modify services for users authentication or control access to certain set of people who use AWS resource.

This course is Instructor Led Live Online Training with labs for practice.

Our Experts are the industry experienced professionals working on the technology for a long time.


Target Audience

Security Background
Fresher willing to learn AWS IAM

Course Pre-Requisite

No Pre-Requisite

Course Outline

Course Outline – SysOps Associate
• Computing
o EC2 Instances
o Working with EC2
o Monitoring EC2
• Networking
o Networking
o Cloud Networking Basic Concepts
o Creating and Managing Network in AWS
o Network Security in AWS
• Data Management
o Data Management
o Key concepts of Storage in AWS
o Using Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
o Using Amazon S3
o Using Amazon Glacier
o Using Storage Gateway
• Security
o Security
o Identity and Access Management (IAM)
o Account and Instance Security
• Analysis
o Analysis and Cost Effectiveness in AWS
o Cost Reduction Opportunities in the Cloud
o Tagging in the Cloud
o Using Billing Alerts, Cost Explorer, Trusted Advisor
• High Availability
o High Availability
o Basic concepts of Scaling
o Overview of Elastic Load Balancing
o Overview of Auto Scaling
o Overview of Amazon Route 53
• Monitoring and Metrics
o Monitoring and Metrics
o Monitoring in the Cloud: Basic Concepts
o CloudWatch and CloudTrail Services

• Deployment and Provisioning
o Deployment and Provisioning
o Configuration Management
o CloudFormation Templates
o Working with JSON

Course Outline – Solution Architect Associate

• AWS Overview
o Cloud Computing
o History of AWS
o Overview of all AWS products and services
• Designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems
o How to design cloud services
o Planning and design
o Monitoring and logging
o Hybrid IT architectures
o Overview of IAM
o Groups
o Users
o Roles
o Policies
o IAM best practices
o IAM costs and prices
o Overview of VPC
o Subnets
o Route Tables
o Elastic Ips
o Internet Gateway
o NAT Gateways
o Network ACLs
o Security Groups
o VPC best practices
o VPC costs and prices
o Building Your First Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

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“I found the expert excellent and could resolve all my query and designed the course in an engaging format”

Pratibha Naidu

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