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McAfee Endpoint Data Protection

Keeping up-to-date with the latest software versions is important to maintain the efficiency of an IT department. It also enables you to get the most from your security investment.
This course will allow you to improve the performance of your solution.

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McAfee Endpoint Data Protection

Course Description

McAfee Endpoint Data Protection Course is designed to give new and existing ePO administrators detailed knowledge on McAfee Data Protection product suite.

Participants will learn how to
• Use of each component
• Configure the policy set from a fresh install experience
• Install, Configure and deploy Drive Encryption, Management of Native Encryption, File and Removeable Media Protection, Device Control and Data Loss Prevention
• Perform day to day administration with confidence
• Leverage inter-component functionality to increase security and decrease workload


Target Audience

Security Background
Fresher willing to get into Endpoint Security

Course Pre-Requisite

• Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment
• Have an intermediate knowledge of cyber security incident investigation and incident lifecycle.
• Perform basic operations on a personal computer

Course Outline

• Introduction to the data protection product suite, including Data Loss Prevention Endpoint, Device Control, Drive Encryption, Management of Native Encryption and File and Removeable Media Protection.
• Installation of the software, basic configuration and management of clients
• Automating the full software installation including applications, product upgrades and patches using repositories and the Software Manager
• Product policy configuration for the above products and the assignment of policies by group, system and tag
• Configuration of the Client Task Catalogue to deploy and update software and an introduction to the various agent deployment techniques
• How to recover encrypted machines and files, using the self-recovery portal, companion app and administrator recovery.
• An introduction to custom notifications and alerts and configuration of automated tasks and responses
• Advanced features and techniques including system compliance, creating and automating queries and general ePO maintenance

Training Modes


  • Learn on Your Own Time

  • 1-to-1 learning

  • Customized Solutions


  • Flexibility, Convenience

  • Time Saving

  • More Effective Learning

  • Cost Savings


  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Across The Globe

  • Hire A Trainer

  • At Your Own Pace

  • Customized Corporate Training



“I found the expert excellent and could resolve all my query and designed the course in an engaging format”

Pratibha Naidu

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