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Solarwinds Security Event Manager

Practical oriented / Job oriented Training. Practice on Real Time project scenarios.

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Solarwinds Security Event Manager

Course Description

SolarWinds provides windows-based network monitoring, network management and network discovery software to public and private enterprises, education institutions and military organizations.

Being trained in SolarWinds software helps a network professional efficiently enable network configuration management, fault monitoring, and performance management.


Target Audience

Network and Security Professionals
System Administrator

Course Pre-Requisite

Basic Security domain understanding is good to start with this tool, however experience on other SIEM tool will be an added advantage

Course Outline

Module 1 :- Orion Platform and Network Performance Monitor
• Orion Platform Architecture
Application Server Requirements
SQL Server Requirement
• Installation of NPM
NPM Installation step by step with practical
Orion Configuration Wizard
• Core Components Overview
Orion Network Sonar Discovery
Orion Basic Polling Methods
• Optional Windows & Linux Agents
User Accounts
Custom Properties
Orion Groups
Orion Dependencies
Syslogs and SNMP Traps

Module 2 :- Network Performance Monitor Cont.
• NPM Overview

Network F5 BIG-IP Insights for (Load Balancing)
Wireless Monitoring
Cisco UCS API Integration
Cisco Switch Stack Monitoring
Universal Device Pollers
NPM Polling Settings and Data Retention

Module 3:- Network Configuration Manager
Installation of NCM
NCM Overview
NCM User Permission
Adding nodes to NCM
• NCM Connection Profiles
• NCM Device Templates
• NCM Jobs and scheduling Backups
• Executing Scripts and Bulk Changes
• Real-Time Configuration Change Detection
• Compliance Policy Report
• End of Sales/End of Support Management
• Cisco Firmware Vulnerabilities Reporting
• Introduction to configuration change template

Module 4 :- Server and Application Monitor: Alerting : Reporting : Maps : View Customisation
Installation of SAM
SAM Overview
• SAM User permission
• Appinsight Templates for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and IIS
• Windows scheduled Task Monitoring

Orion Alerting Overview
• Web Based Alert Engine
Orion Reporting Overview
• Orion Report writer application
• Web-Based report Engine
Orion Maps
• Network Atlas and wireless heat maps
• Worldwide Map Resource

Orion View Management
• Custom View Creation
• NOC View Designs

Training Modes


  • Learn on Your Own Time

  • 1-to-1 learning

  • Customized Solutions


  • Flexibility, Convenience

  • Time Saving

  • More Effective Learning

  • Cost Savings


  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Across The Globe

  • Hire A Trainer

  • At Your Own Pace

  • Customized Corporate Training



“I found the expert excellent and could resolve all my query and designed the course in an engaging format”

Pratibha Naidu

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