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Top Savyint Interview Questions.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Why Identity Access Management as a career?

Since 2020, The covid-19 started growing the companies had to shift their employees to work remotely which led to increase in security, and identity theft.

Business Identity Theft hold the power to bring everything down for a growing business.

The interviewer will try to gauge your understanding in the Identity Access Management domain.

They can probably ask generic IAM questions if you have no experience in the Identity Access Management domain.

For experienced professionals, they will gauge the candidate’s project exposure on the suggested tool.


Interview Questions: - Start Quiz of Splunk

Q1 :- What is Identity Access Management need in an organization?

Ans :- There is a surge in the security threats and user privacy preferences due to which it is getting more complicated to handle, IAM has its own importance for every organizations, irrespective of their employee strength.

Q2- What are the Identity Access Management solutions you have worked on?

Ans :- Often, Employer may ask you this questions to see if you have any working experience on any other IAM tools. Do let them know about your project experience in detail that what all clients and domain you have worked in.

Q3- Define a privileged user?

Ans :- A privileged user enjoys additional access than an ordinary access also having an access to the company sensitive information, Hence these accounts need to be monitored closely and the system must be notified in case of any suspicious session.

The above questions are very generic which an interviewer will be expecting you to answer as a Identity Access Management Consultant. However, they may ask technical questions around Savyint for e.g:-

1-What do you know about Savyint and what are its capabilities?

Ans :- Saviynt enables enterprises to secure applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform for Cloud (Office 365, AWS, Salesforce, Workday) and Enterprise (SAP, Oracle EBS). Saviynt is pioneering IGA 2.0 by integrating advanced risk analytics and intelligence with fine-grained privilege management.

Saviynt can import Access and Usage data from applications in real time or batch basis, analyze the data against industry leading controls, provide exceptions/violations and remediate exceptions. In addition, Saviynt provides the ability to Mine / Design Functional Roles and Attribute Based Rules based on user data, attributes and usage. These roles can be provisioned back in the application where applicable and can be monitored in real time for violations.

2-What is Access Request System (ARS) ?

Ans :- Access Request System (ARS) is used to manage access management, access request and approvals. An intuitive user interface that is seamless across web and mobile (iOS and Android), giving end users complete flexibility in managing their requests, checking status, setting up delegation of authority, managing access certifications and so on. even when they’re on-the-go.

Also, if you have relevant experience on the product, they will try to frame the questions in such a way that interviewer will expect you to answer some questions around your practical experience on Savyint. For e.g

1-How do you Create 2-Level Risk-Based Workflow in Savyint ?

2-How to Assign workflow to security system in Savyint?

3-How to submit request for entitlements using Savyint dashboard?

4-How to how to load existing workflows and assign a workflow to security system in Savyint?

5-How to configure attributes for requests and request approval configuration in Savyint?

6-Have you created provisioning rules, offboard rules, re-hire rules, transfer rules in Savyint?

7-How to Setup Delegate?

8-Do you understand the concept Segregation of Duties (SOD) Module in Savyint?

9-How to create Entitlement Owner Attestation in Savyint?

10- Have you worked on any other tool like Sailpoint , Forgerock, etc?

In addition to the above questions, the interviewer may ask more questions such as:-

1-Do you have experience in client interaction?

2-They may ask if you had a team OR you can work as an individual contributor.

3-How long you are willing to work with us?

4-Are you comfortable working in rotational shifts?

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